Loop in Oulu with Sapin Collection exhibition - 30/05-17/06/2012

exhibition Hematoma
Miniatures from Tartu
in Galleria 5
Oulu, Finland

The exhibition curated by Indrek Grigor and Markus Toompere from Tartu Artists Union displayes miniature art works from Tartu.  Loop was invited with the current exhibition of Anaëlle Taluy - Belle journée pour l'amour, the exhibition of Sapin Art Collection.


Anaëlle Taluy (Loop), 
Rauno Thomas Moss, Nadežda Tšernobai, Mihkel Ilus,  Peeter Krosmann (Duul),
Kaleidoskoop  gallery,
Manfred Kalatski, Tõnis Paberit, Alan Proosa, Andrus Peegel, Tiina Kuus, Vano Allsalu, Stanislav Netšvolodov, Ilmar Kruusamäe, Peeter Laurits, Ahti Seppet, Ago Teedema, Inge Kudisiim, Märt Rannast, Elis Mets, Meiu Münt, Piibe Arrak, Eevart Arrak, Madis Katz, Evi Gailit, Kiwa, Kadri Nikopensius,  Art Security, Urmas Viik, Tõnis Kriisa, Virve Serglov, Liive Koppel, Eve Eesmaa.

Indrek Grigor sais about the exhibition (translation - Laura Kuusk):

The exhibition "Hematoma" is the first time in the frames of miniature experiments in Tartu than the miniature format is exhibited on the walls of a regulare size gallery. In the frames of this exhibition, the previous experiences have been collected. Both the gallery in a doll house Loop and the gallery in a bird house Kaleidoskoop are present. Anaëlle Taluy is presenting Sapin Art Collection in Loop. The collective Duul is represented with a series of paintings made especially according to their established format 10x10 cm but also with some of their previous works in miniatures. The result of an open call launched by the curators is also part of the exhibited works. 
The exhibition tries to give an overview of different medial paradigms, collecting all the classical medias - painting, sculpture, graphic arts, but also photo and video. 

During the last two years there has been experimenting with the miniature as a format in Tartu. The first attempt in this direction was the exhibition "Duul 2010" in Loop gallery in 2010. 
The second bigger event turned out to be "The auction of two inches" organized by The Center of Creative Industry of Tartu (Tartu Loomemajanduskeskus) in the beginning of 2012. It was preceded by the opening of an art gallery Kaleidoskoop in a bird house that belongs to an art rental. 
The last milestone until now has been the exhibition "Miniatures" of Duul collective on their atelier wall in April 2012 - the miniatures got exhibited on a so-called big wall for the first time there. 
These events have helped to open and develop the different aspects of miniature format. The exhibition in Loop gallery was a miniature exhibition - the doll house was considered as a regular gallery where the artists held a group exhibition. Just, according to the size of the gallery, the works were miniatures. 
The idea to organize "The auction of two inches" was triggered by the fact that some works from the "Duul 2010" exhibition turned out to be so popular at the auction of young art in Tartu, that the Center of Creative Industry in Tartu decided to organize a separate auction of miniatures. An open call was launched in Estonia and over 300 works were received for the pre-selection.  The works had a quite strict format condition - the work presented could not exceed 2x2x2 inches. The miniature was a purely formal prescription in this case. 
The atelier exhibition "Miniatures" of Duul collective was a prelude to their future exhibition in Riga and first of all an introduction of the new format. Duul decided to establish a standard format 10x10 cm for the mounted works - this seems to be the best format for them to make a miniature work as a miniature but also to stand out on a big wall. 


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