a random article about Loop exhibition in tram number 4

By coincidence, the journalist Verni Leivak was in the tram number 4 where Eva Labotkin exhibited her work in the evening of the 17th of July 2011. He was very tired and depressed about returning to Tallinn from Warsaw. He put his experience, profession and baroque writing style in the service of Loop exhibition that he assisted accidentally. He wrote an article about tram circulation in Tallinn and in Warsaw. The main purpose of the article was to show that the tram circulation in Warsaw is well organized and pleasant and in Tallinn it is badly organized and awful experience.  The 2 last paragraphs of the article (beginning from "Trammis tehakse kunsti!" ) are about his perception of the exhibition in tram.  The baroque novel is a fine and interesting piece of random critics in hybrid format. Like Loop is squatting other places (museums, streets, appartments etc.) with the exhibitions, Verni Leivak is squatting one of the biggest daily newspapers week end extra with his novel. Thanks to him, Eva Labotkin's exhibition in Loop has a coverage in one of the two biggest daily newspapers in Estonia. You can read it in the Postimees Arter of 23rd of July 2011.

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